Foundation awards $8,892 in grants to HGH

This month the HGH Healthcare Foundation presented $8,892 in grants to four departments at Hamilton Healthcare System to improve and enhance the patient experience.

The Nursing department was awarded $2,200 for a Vital Signs Monitor. Vital signs monitors are a nurse’s constant companion because of their ability to record vital patient information quickly and efficiently. The machine is used to monitor blood pressure, oxygen saturation and respiration throughout a patient's stay at HGH.

The Rural Health Clinic in Hamilton and Family Practice Clinic of Mills County were awarded $4,392 for new baby scales.

The Admissions departments received two grants. A grant in the amount of $300 was awarded for Emesis Bag Dispensers. Admissions also received a $2,200 grant for new wheelchairs in the hospital lobby area.

Since the grant program’s inception in August 2015, the Foundation has distributed more than $39,727 to assist Hamilton Healthcare System in providing services to the communities they serve. Departmental grants have been awarded to fund projects in the Physical Therapy, EVS, Diabetes Education, Hico Clinic, Nursing, Wellness Center and Heart Failure Clinic departments. The Foundation plans to award two more rounds of departmental grants in 2016.

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The Foundation’s primary goal is the continuation of planned growth and needed healthcare services for our community. This year’s departmental grants join a list of contributions made by the Foundation to Hamilton Healthcare System including the purchase of a digital mammography machine for HGH and sponsorship of the annual community-wide health fair.

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